The IIRP provides restorative practices curriculum materials for those who have completed our Training of Trainers event.

You may use this curriculum, and you are free to deliver and adapt these components, either in person or online, to meet your needs and that of your audience.


The links below provide the most current training curriculum, including handouts, book excerpts, learning objective maps and videos for you to use in your trainings.

Introduction to Restorative Practices

The IIRP Introduction to Restorative Practices Curriculum allows you to train others in the fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff and parents in your setting. Topics include how to set high expectations while being supportive, how to provide direct feedback and ask questions that foster accountability, and the most effective methods to resolve common conflicts.

PDFs: Training Materials

VIDEO: Introduction to RP San Francisco

Using Circles Effectively

The IIRP Using Circles Effectively Curriculum allows you to train others on how to facilitate circles, an essential process for creating a positive learning environment and school culture. Circles may be used to build social capital, resolve social problems and respond when harm occurs.

PDFs: Training Materials

VIDEO: A Story About RP in School

VIDEO: Baltimore Protest Video

VIDEO: Check-In Circle

VIDEO: Course Content Circle

VIDEO: Definition of Success Circle

VIDEO: Feedback Circle

VIDEO: Get to Know You Circle

Recommended Books

We recommend the following books be purchased and distributed to all trainees, as they incorporate excerpts from the curriculum, key concepts, graphics, numerous anecdotes, circle prompts and applications, and much much more.

There are many other books and useful resources to be found in our bookstore.

Trainer Contact

If you have questions or technical issues, please contact Ken Tompey by email at

Additional Resources

We provide additional free resources that you may find useful in your trainings, including:


Presidential Paper Series

Restorative Works Magazine


Community Health