Increase community connectedness, staff and family retention, and student success

When independent schools integrate restorative practices into their administrative and academic methods, they establish a culture of collaborative leadership that increases voice, agency, and belonging for all community members and provides students with transferrable leadership skills that are crucial to functioning in a diverse world.

During this two-day introductory experience, you will learn fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff, and parents using restorative practices.

The learning experience focuses on creating systems that promote equity and inclusion for students and adults. General topics include:

  • Striking a balance between setting high expectations and providing support
  • Understanding the role of emotions as catalysts for words and actions
  • Providing direct feedback and asking questions that foster accountability
  • Using the most effective methods to resolve common conflicts

Participants learn strategies to:

  • Proactively build relationships
  • Create an authentic sense of community and belonging
  • Practice participatory decision-making
  • Speak from experience
  • Listen to others
  • Connect through our similarities
  • Learn from our differences
  • Work through conflict in a mutually respectful way

Participants also learn to facilitate circles, an essential process for creating a positive learning environment and school culture. Circles may be used to build social capital, resolve social tension, and respond when relational or community harm occurs.

Designed for: PK-12 teachers, staff, and administrators working in independent schools.

Learning Format

This experience is led by an experienced IIRP instructor who is familiar with the independent school world. This event is interactive. Individual participation throughout is highly encouraged and will greatly increase the benefits you receive.

  • Online: Two consecutive 4.5-hour days of live instruction.
    (2 hours of pre-work required prior to each session.)
  • In Person: Two consecutive 8-hour days of live instruction (two breaks and time for lunch included).

In conjunction with Restorative Justice Conferencing, this event can be applied to the blended RP 500 Basic Restorative Practices course at the IIRP Graduate School. Trainings are limited in capacity and fill up quickly. Please do not book any travel or accommodations for in-person training until the registration is confirmed.

Price: $450


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September 9 - 10, 2024 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (registration 8:00-8:30)

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