Make an impact on your community and facilitate the healing process.

This certificate will be available beginning Fall 2024. This certificate is designed for individuals who work in the fields of crisis intervention, counseling, social services, criminal justice, and settings where stakeholders have been affected by specific traumatic experiences. The series of four restorative practices-informed facilitation courses equip students with practical techniques to recalibrate difficult situations. Coursework covers how different relational approaches aid facilitators as they create essential structures that can be utilized to support individuals and communities through crisis, trauma, and the healing process.

Students will apply concepts around self-respect, reciprocity with self and others, and role-modeling processes at different levels. Students engage in weekly sessions to practice various facilitation techniques with an online professional learning community of classmates and outside volunteers

Learning Outcomes
  • Strengthen skills in responding to crisis situations and incidents of harm by applying various facilitation techniques to real-life scenarios.
  • Utilize restorative methods, such as the Relational Care Ladder, to identify unmet needs regarding safety, engagement, and resources.
  • Implement narrative mapping in facilitating conversations.
  • Identify and utilize crisis strategies and intervention methods.
  • Understand how harm, human neuroscience, and emotional experiences affect relationships.

Program Overview


This program requires four courses to complete:

  • All courses can be completed within a year, taking one course per term, and be applied toward a Master of Science degree.
  • Most program courses are 100% online with a few blended options with courses starting in Fall, Spring, and Summer months. Click here for a full list of course offerings.
  • Supported by faculty and fellow students, course assignments help you put your learning into practice.
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