Foster positive classroom and school culture

Building and strengthening relationships and community is a critical component of school culture. Restorative practices is an essential process for creating a positive learning environment, building social capital, and resolving relational issues.

During this two-day introductory experience, you will learn the fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff, and parents in your school setting.

Topics include the importance of being explicit about practice, how to set high expectations while being supportive, and ways to build community in your setting. We will discuss giving direct feedback and asking questions that foster accountability, as well as utilizing effective methods to resolve common conflicts.

You will learn to apply the restorative practices continuum, understanding which restorative processes are best for achieving certain goals or responding to particular situations. We will focus specifically on facilitating circles, an essential process for creating a positive learning environment and school culture. Circles can be used both proactively and responsively to build social capital, sustain relationships, address social problems, and respond when harm occurs. Participants will spend time planning circles to use in their schools immediately.

Designed for:

K-12 teachers, staff, administrators. This experience is applicable to other audiences,
but school-based examples are used.

Learning Format Options:

  • Online: Two consecutive 4.5-hour days of live instruction.
    (2 hours of pre-work required prior to each session.)
  • In Person: Two consecutive 6.5-hour days of live instruction.


In conjunction with Restorative Justice Conferencing, this event can be applied to the blended RP 500 Basic Restorative Practices course at the IIRP Graduate School.

Price: $450


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