Help your community gain a shared understanding of collective harms.

Our communities need opportunities to process the personal and collective impact of emotionally charged events. From the effects of COVID and racism to natural disasters and sexual abuse, we seek healthy forums in which to express our feelings and truly hear one another.

With roots in indigenous cultures around the world, listening circles provide people an opportunity to speak and listen to each other in an atmosphere of safety, decorum and equality.

Listening circles emphasize storytelling for cultivating empathy. To help people gain a shared sense of understanding and emotional connection, these circles can be used in communities, workplaces, schools, organizations, neighborhoods, universities and families.

During this event, you will participate in a listening circle on a current topic. Regardless of the topic you choose, you will learn to facilitate listening circles for any topic your community requires.

Learning Format

This highly interactive experience interweaves learning, practice and reflection. The online learning environment, led by two experienced instructors, incorporates individual pre-work, live Zoom sessions and threaded discussions.

  • Begin your learning with videos, readings and reflection questions to familiarize yourself with listening circles and prepare to listen empathically. (1 hour of individual preparation.)
  • Experience a listening circle and explore the role of the facilitator, as well as barriers to listening, in preparation to facilitate your own circle. (4.5-hour live Zoom session, breaks included.)
  • Apply your learning, ask questions and reflect on your experience. (Participants have 2 weeks to implement a listening circle and engage in threaded discussions.)
  • Debrief and learn from others’ experiences so you will feel prepared to implement circles in a variety of contexts. (2.5-hour live Zoom session, breaks included.)

This professional development learning experience is open to anyone, regardless of your prior familiarity with restorative practices.

Please note: The skill building and information presented in the Facilitating Listening Circles event is the same for each event. The only difference in each event is the topic for the listening circle experience.

Price: $450


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