As higher education communities face unprecedented challenges, we must work together to strengthen engagement, build more equitable cultures, and develop leadership for the future. The Collaborative Center is an online higher education community that serves as a launchpad for change toward more relational, equitable, and just cultures in higher education through the use of restorative practices.

We convene people and ideas...

The Collaborative Center is an online higher education community that serves as a launchpad and home for innovation, co-creation, and encouragement for those redefining how college campuses connect and build stronger relational cultures.

To reimagine higher education...

Together, we imagine:

  • Institutions of higher education with equitable and just campus cultures,
  • Where all members feel a strong sense of community and belonging, and
  • Where the structures, systems, and behavior of the community promote well-being so that all members can achieve their full potential.

We are committed to realizing our mission by explicitly and actively challenging and resisting narratives of systemic injustice in higher education. Doing this work through a restorative lens requires a commitment to elevating marginalized voices, relational accountability, and embracing different ways of knowing and being.

And influence change...

We invite administrators, faculty, and staff to learn more about restorative practices, influence change on their own campuses, and come together to think critically about the field. We do this by:

  • Creating space for dialogue and innovative thinking about restorative practices, relationships, culture, and equity in higher education,
  • Providing coursework, training, coaching, and consultation,
  • Engaging in and supporting innovative and scholarly research to investigate the impact and potential of restorative practices in higher education,
  • Disseminating knowledge regarding restorative practices through reports, presentations, and publications, and
  • Assisting in the cultivation and growth of a community of professionals committed to integrating a restorative practices framework into their higher education environments.

On our campuses and beyond.

We invite you to be part of this journey. The Collaborative Center is a co-creative endeavor that relies on the energy and support of higher education administrators, faculty, and staff who are passionate about the potential for restorative practices to create meaningful change in higher education. Learn about the many ways to get involved.