Registration is easy.

When you are ready to register for your first course, your next steps are:

  • Create a Student Portal.
  • Complete an application for one of our programs.
  • Once accepted to the program, register for the course in your Student Portal.

You may register for one course, without applying, at our discounted Transparent Tuition rate by contacting Student Services after creating a Student Portal.

  • Phone (610) 457-1917
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Schedule a time to talk

Start with a fully online or blended course.

Fully online course options include:

* This course has prerequisites.

Blended courses options include:

View all course offerings.

Blended courses consist of professional development (in person or online) followed by online graduate instruction.

Depending on the timing of the professional development event, the graduate instruction sometimes occurs during a subsequent term.

First - Register and complete a professional development event.

  • Pay attention to the timing. You must have attended the event prior to the start of the graduate course.

Then - Register for the associated course in your Student Portal.

  • Call Student Services if you need support.

Graduate Program Information

If you would like to speak about graduate courses and programs, please contact Student Services.


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Tracy Myers

"Everyone at the graduate school is helpful and encouraging. The support I have received is unparalleled.”

Tracy Myers ’17
Virginia, USA