Effect real change in your community or organization.

This certificate will be available beginning Spring 2025. Grounded in the field of restorative practices, students earning this certificate will focus on the human side of change, emphasizing the centrality of relationships and group dynamics in the change process. Through this series of four courses, students will expand their knowledge and skills in implementing change initiatives in varied contexts, such as workplaces across industries, educational settings, and community organizations. Theoretical and practical learning in this certificate focuses on key areas, including change management and leadership; implementation science and practices; models of personal and social change; systems thinking; human capital theory; and ethical and cultural considerations. 

 Throughout the coursework, students will integrate principles and strategies derived from the fields of restorative practices and restorative justice, which both value meaningful participation in decision making and attention to human dignity, regardless of context, paving the way to implement, embed, and sustain positive change.

Learning Outcomes
  • Improve ability to strengthen interpersonal relationships and build social networks.
  • Gain skills in the implementation of change management through a restorative lens.
  • Engage with models of social and personal change, systems thinking, and human capital theory.
  • Increase capacity for managing organizational and social change with ease and fidelity.

Program Overview


This program requires four courses to complete:

  • All courses can be completed within a year, taking one course per term, and be applied toward a Master of Science degree.
  • Most program courses are 100% online with a few blended options with courses starting in Fall, Spring, and Summer months. Click here for a full list of course offerings.
  • Supported by faculty and fellow students, course assignments help you put your learning into practice.
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