Discounted tuition with no hidden costs.

When you choose a graduate school, you don’t want any surprises when it comes to tuition and fees. Once you are admitted, we guarantee your tuition will not increase through the completion of your program, and you will receive an additional 8.35% discount.

Unlike most schools, we do not charge fees for course registration, graduation and transcripts. Transparent Tuition means there are no hidden costs.

All our graduate programs are fully accredited. We work with students who are eligible to receive tuition support from their employers.

  Full tuition Admitted students
Tuition (per course) $1,867 $1,711
Graduate Certificate (4 courses) $7,468 $6,844
Master of Science (10 courses) $18,670 $17,110
Master of Science with Thesis Option (10 courses plus Thesis seminar at a flat fee of $3,507) $22,177 $20,617

A student enrolling in their first course at the IIRP will be afforded the benefit of discounted tuition of $1,711.00 for that three-credit course.

Individuals who are not seeking a degree or certificate will pay the non-discounted rate of $1,867.00 per three-credit course for second and subsequent courses.

  • Students who paid to take a professional development event and later register for the associated blended course will receive a credit for the event.
  • Admitted students are eligible for financial aid using our Interest-Free Payment Plan.


We have eliminated unnecessary application fees, annual student fees, graduation fees and transcript fees. Some students may complete their studies without ever paying a single fee. We do have three fees:

  • Late registration fee - $25.00
  • Course withdrawal fee - $50.00
  • Interest-Free Payment Plan start-up charge - $75.00

Graduate Program Information

If you would like to speak about graduate courses and programs, please contact Student Services.


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Bertolet Elizabeth

“My master’s degree provided me with the opportunity to increase my responsibilities at my current job, increase my salary and share techniques with coworkers that help to create a more positive and productive work environment.”

Elizabeth Bertolet ‘13
Pennsylvania, USA