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Restorative Works — the IIRP's annual magazine — shows how our students, alumni, faculty and partners are catalysts for the kind of change we need now. By strengthening relationships and community, they are helping people across cultures stand together, discover their power and create positive change. We hope their stories will inspire you and give you hope for the future.

In this issue:

  • The Questions We Ask Matter.
  • Impacting Community: "Walking to With" in Wichita Public Schools
  • Impacting Higher Education: The Collaborative Center for Restorative Practices in Higher Education
  • The Historic Appointment of the IIRP’s Third President
  • Kansas City Museum Tells the Whole Story
  • Expanding the Impact of Restorative Practices in Canada
  • Weekend Citizenship Program Teaches 21st Century Competencies
  • and more...

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Restorative Works 202Cover 
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