Delve deeper into restorative practices and go beyond training with a graduate credential.

This program will help learners develop an in-depth understanding of the foundations of relational engagement and practical frameworks to apply restorative practices appropriately in their own settings. The certificate is customizable with electives geared to different interests and practices. Learners will apply conceptual and analytical skills in evaluating the links among practice, systems, and policy issues.

Join a professional learning community to elevate your skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback while gauging your proficiency in the emotional, relational, and ecological underpinnings of restorative practices. This option is ideal for professionals who already have an advanced degree or who are still deciding to pursue a Master of Science. 

Program Overview

  • All courses can be completed within a year, taking one course per term, and be applied toward a Master of Science degree.
  • Most program courses are 100% online with a few blended options with courses starting in Fall, Spring, and Summer months. Click here for a full list of course offerings.
  • Supported by faculty and fellow students, course assignments help you put your learning into practice.
  • Click here for our Transparent Tuition.

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