IIRP Canada consists of a growing team of experienced practitioner-instructors who collectively bring a broad understanding of the Canadian context, from a deep knowledge of school systems to English, Francophone and Indigenous communities. We are well-prepared to deliver training and knowledge-sharing, as well as providing the expertise to help your community sustain a restorative environment.

We aspire to work WITH you and your organization, meaning we seek to understand your unique needs and only then provide the insight and support to help align restorative practices with your goals. This includes honouring all voices in your community as well as respecting the ongoing initiatives you seek to build upon. As a team we are committed to asking questions to further our own learning so we can be informed and effective partners.

IIRP Canada is a registered federal not-for-profit entity based in Ontario that offers training and consulting in restorative practices across Canada as an affiliate of the International Institute for Restorative Practices, an accredited graduate school based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. IIRP Canada instructors from numerous provinces work with schools, facilities, community programs and workplaces, with a focus on strengthening relationships and repairing harm as a way of building community. We offer in-person and online training services in both English and French.