Experienced restorative practitioners who are seeking instruction and guidance on how to teach key concepts of Restorative Practices for Educators and/or Restorative Justice Conferencing to others can become Restorative Practices Trainers. At the conclusion of the Training of Trainers, you will be prepared to teach others the IIRP Curriculum and assist in the implementation of restorative practices in your school or organization.

This interactive training will include:

  • Review of IIRP Curriculum.
  • Participant preparation and presentation of content.
  • Discussion of best practices for training implementation.
  • Professional development maps that include learning outcomes and objectives.
  • Suggestions for how to deliver the instruction online based on our years of experience with distance learning.
  • Support for creating modules unique to your situation, if you are unable to deliver the materials as suggested by the IIRP.
  • Facilitated conversation about the integration of the IIRP materials with other initiatives.

If you would like to learn more about our Restorative Practices Trainer program before continuing, please contact us.

Upcoming Training of Trainers Events

Fundamentals of Restorative Practices

All online events start at 12:00PM Eastern US and run 4.5 hours. In-person events start at 8:30AM in their local time zones.

Date Location Notes
February 6-10 Online Event Full
February 27 - March 3 Online Event Full
March 7-9 In-person, San Diego, CA Event Full
March 13-17 Online Event Full
April 10-14 Online  
April 12-14 In-person, Bethlehem, PA  
April 24-28 Online  
May 8-12 Online  
May 22-26 Online  
Restorative Conferencing

All events start at 12 PM Eastern US and run 4.5 hours.


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Do you have questions about becoming a trainer?

Contact Us
Email: kentompey@iirp.edu
Phone: (484) 763-3070