Learn how to influence decision makers through the power of relationships

Designed Learning

Flawless Consulting 1 and 2 are designed for individuals who want to develop leadership skills and have their expertise utilized. Whether you are an outside consultant, a change-maker or leader in your organization, you will learn to structure conversations that can influence horizontally and vertically within and across organizational boundaries.

The IIRP Graduate School has invited Designed Learning to offer this world-class series of learning experiences based upon the groundbreaking work of Peter Block.


Flawless Consulting 1: Building Strategic Partnerships (3-day workshop)

Being a trusted partner doesn’t just happen by chance. In this workshop you will develop the skill set to become more conscious of the impact you as a leader have on others and your own leadership style.

Flawless Consulting 1 teaches best practices to improve your engagement style:

  • The skills of relationship-building and influencing others
  • To work in a trusting partnership role with clients/colleagues
  • To develop commitment from your clients/colleagues through skilled contracting
  • To assertively express your needs for a successful partnership
  • To identify and manage various resistance styles while consolidating relationships
  • To negotiate more effective and enduring agreements with clients/colleagues to avoid no-win situations

Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery and Feedback (3-day workshop)

The challenge of every engagement with a client or business partner is to help them reframe their understanding of what they are up against. What is perceived as a problem is most often a symptom of how a given situation is being managed. If we can help our partners change their story, they can create an opening for new problem-solving and real change.

Flawless Consulting 2 teaches participants how to leverage their expertise:

  • Utilize skills learned previously to prepare and conduct a contracting meeting
  • Practice data collection around a business issue through discovery interviews
  • Deal with resistance in contracting, data collection and feedback phases of consulting
  • Conduct a successful feedback meeting
  • Gain skills in turning recommendations into a decision to act
  • Increase the likelihood that your clients will be committed to taking action

Flawless Consulting 1 is a prerequisite for Flawless Consulting 2.

Learning Format

In this workshop series, learning is highly experiential. Flawless Consulting 1 and 2 include online prework, interactive online sessions, and post-workshop skills coaching and online practice.

  • Coaching – participants may schedule up to two 30-minute sessions to personalize your learning.
  • Each workshop incorporates three successive days of instructor-led virtual training.
  • Each day includes a 3.5 hour live Zoom session.
  • Participants will have 60-day access to digital materials.

Price: $1250 per workshop. Once you register for Flawless Consulting 1, you will receive an email with a discount code for $300 and the link to register for the associated Flawless Consulting 2 held three weeks after.

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