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The following is a summary of the presentations from IIRP''s 13th World Conference with links to presentation materials where provided.


Day 1 — Wed, 13 Oct


9–9:15 AM — Opening Activities

Conference Chair: Ted Wachtel

9:15–10:30 AM — Hull: The World''s First Restorative City

Video: Restorative Practices in Hull: The First Restorative City


  • Nigel Richardson, Director, Children & Young People’s Services, Hull City Council (C&YPS, HCC)
  • Estelle Macdonald, Director, Hull Centre for Restorative Practices (HCRP)
  • Chris Straker, Consultant Headteacher, HCRP
  • Paul Nixon, Strategic Lead for Restorative Practices, HCC
  • Iain Dixon, Inspector, Humberside Police
  • Rob Murray, Area Manager, C&YPS, HCC

Circles: Sharing of thoughts in small groups

11 AM–NOON — Restorative Practices in Workplaces

Chair:Jon Plant, Head of Safeguarding, Children & Young People’s Services, Hull City Council (C&YPS, HCC)


  • Dianne Hamilton, Head, Children and Young People, Goodwin Development Trust
  • Sharon Inglis, Director, Circles Training and Consultancy
  • Michael Michiels, Consultant, C&YPS, HCC

Circles: Sharing of thoughts in small groups

1–1:45 PM — Restorative Practices in Criminal Justice

Chair:Les Davey, CEO, International Institute for Restorative Practices UK


  • Lizzie Nelson, Director, Restorative Justice Consortium (RJC)
  • Lawrence Kershen, Chair, RJC
  • Kim Smith, Restorative Practices Development Manager, Criminal Justice Services, Norfolk Constabulary
  • Val Keitch, South Somerset Community Justice Panel
  • Grahame Chaseling, Coordinator, Offender Programmes, New South Wales (Australia) Corrections
  • Terry O’Connell, Director, Real Justice Australia

1:45–2:30 PM — Innovative Restorative Practices

Chair:Judith Harwood, Head of Learning, Participation and Skills, Children & Young People’s Services, Hull City Council (C&YPS, HCC)


  • Kevin Beaton, Headteacher, Sydney Smith School, Hull
  • Gregor Rae, Chairman & Founder, BusinessLab Group, Ltd.
  • Joanne Faulkner, Family Support Worker/Trainer, C&YPS, HCC
  • Dave Bertholini, Project Development Manager, C&YPS, HCC


3–3:45 PM — Innovative Use of FGDM/FGC in Europe

Chair:Paul Nixon, Strategic Lead for Restorative Practices, Children & Young People’s Services, Hull City Council (C&YPS, HCC)


  • Robert van Pagée, Director, Eigen Kracht Centrale, Netherlands
  • Vidia Negrea, Director, Community Service Foundation of Hungary
  • Cathy Ashley, Chief Executive, Family Rights Group

3:45–4:15 PM — Whole-School Change

4:15–4:30 PM — Restorative Justice in Nova Scotia: An Overview and Invitation to NextYear’s Conference in Halifax


  • Jennifer Llewellyn, Director, Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Community University Research Alliance
  • Patricia Gorham, Coordinator, Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program

4:30 PM — Closing Circles: Sharing of Final Thoughts


Day 2 — Thu, 14 Oct


9–9:50 AM — Breakout Sessions

Developing the Use of Restorative Approaches in the Community: The New Cross Restorative Neighbourhood Project — Lorna Cousins

Why the Real Justice Script?  — Terry O’Connell

AWARE (Accountability Workshop and Restorative Education): A Program Initiated and Facilitated by Incarcerated Women — Roberta Babinet, Bertrand Babinet

The Experiences of the Goodwin Development Trust in Implementing Restorative Practices — Craig Lambert, Rebecca Shipley

Professionalization of the Restorative Justice Practitioner: Considerations for Community-Based Agencies — Susan Henderson, Sylvia Dearing

Gypsies and Travellers: Tackling the Last “Respectable” Face of Racism — Tim Brown, Jo Richardson

Restoring Connections in the American Southwest: Teaching Disenfranchised Youth and Encouraging Professional Collaboration — Karen Dz. Cox

Free Yourself from Destructive Conflict: The 50-Minute Challenge! — Peter Burton

Building Restorative Faith Communities: Embracing the Restorative Way — Mark Vander Vennen, Bruce Schenk

Through a Restorative Lens: Endeavour High School Students Learn from the Past to Campaign for Change — Tracy Pallett, Year 8 & 9 Students, Laurie Gibbins

Summerhill School: 90 years of Restorative Justice with Children and Adults — Michael Newman

Restorative Justice: What’s Punishment Got to Do with It? — Jennifer Llewellyn

10:30–11:20 AM — Breakout Sessions

Applying the Restorative Framework to Inner-City Violence Interruption Practices — John Cutro, Connie Ives-Fenton

Anti-Social Behaviour, Again! Yes, but Hear How to Tackle It in a Way that Works — Valerie Keitch, Bill Geddes

Alperton College: A Centre of Excellence for Restorative Practice — Michael Kearns, Shahed Chowdhury

Predicting Restorative Justice Success — Sylvia Clute

Family Group Conferencing and “Mainstream” Social Work — Gill Kennett, Julia Cooper, Donna Stead

A Window on Relationship: Enlarging the Social Discipline Window for Broader Perspective — Dorothy Vaandering

Developing the Quality Assurance Framework for Restorative Practice in England and Wales — Lizzie Nelson, Les Davey

Building a Restorative Practice Curriculum in Middle and High Schools in the U.S. — Gerald Monk

Restorative Storytelling — Christine Savage-McMahon

Engaging Families with Family Life — Kay Cawley, Joe Tomlinson

Restorative Practices: Zero to 60 in 21 Days — Nick Warnes, Jacqui Raynor

When Will We Learn to Focus on Relationships in Education? — Nicola Preston

A Restorative Approach to Sustaining Truancy Reduction and Improving School Attendance — Nigel Ling, Shaun Casson

11:30 AM–12:20 PM — Breakout Sessions

Restorative Questioning: Redefining the Conflict between Cultural Identity and Universal Human Rights — Janelle Gilbert, Joshua Davidson

Hull Youth Justice Service: Supporting the Sutton Place Programme — David Pearson, Christine Young

What Is Authentic Youth Engagement? Ten Lessons from Ten Communities — Deborah Fisher

Fostering Positive Relationships: Challenging Children Who Challenge — Matt Sutcliffe

Being Heard, Healing the Hurt, Changing Perceptions: Use of Restorative Practice in School Settings — Lynn Massey-Davis

Restorative Practices in Domestic Violence Cases: A Romanian Experience — Anamaria Szabo

Establishing Explicit Good Practices in Creating Restorative Culture in the Classroom — Daniel Ang Kok Ser

Designing a Parenting Education Program Based on Restorative Principles: The Story of Baby College — Sharon Louise Mast

Restorative Justice on a Tight Budget: Making it Happen, Feeling the Benefits — Andy Baines, Steve Searle

Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices in Schools: A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Approach — Tara Moore, Jennifer Furlong

How to Restore Babies and Very Young Children Up to Age 5 — Alison Aherne, Helen Dent, Bernice Musgrave

Family Conferences: Finding Resources Within Ceremonies and Rituals of Rural South Africa — Richard Aitken

1:30–2:20 PM — Breakout Sessions

Circles Helping Families Help Themselves in Family Court — Elizabeth Vastine, Peter Newman

Restorative Practice Framework: Its Universal Practice Applications — Terry O’Connell, Bruce Schenk

First Steps to Developing a Restorative City: Progress So Far in Brighton and Hove and Where Next? — Mary Hinton, John Willett

Restorative Practices in North Lanarkshire: Practice into Policy — Edward Greisl, Bob Duncan

Building Safety for Children After Baby Peter: Collaborative and Restorative Practice in Safeguarding — Andy Couldrick, Sharon Inglis

Lessons Learned from a Restorative Juvenile Project Experience in Peru — Jean Schmitz

Restorative Practices in Neighbourhoods: Nipping Things in the Bud! — Les Davey, Kim Smith

Ten Years for School Mediation in Finland: What We Have Learned? — Maija Gellin, Eeva Saarinen

Working With Non-Contracts — Hans Oostrik, Jan Ruigrok

The Potential for Gender Power Imbalances in Restorative Justice Practices — Caron Jacobson

Community Restorative Justice: Mediating the Relationship Between the Community and the State System — Tim Chapman, Harry Maguire

Elders Restoring Peace: Emergence of the Indigenous Mediator Panel in Northern Territory Communities — Ippei Okazaki

Bringing Restorative Justice into Schools: Strengthening Schools Through Community Engagement — Emma Halpern, Mary Manning

2:30–3:20 PM — Breakout Sessions

Bringing Restorative Justice to Higher/Tertiary Education in the U.S. — Molly C. S. Pierson

Implementing Restorative Practice in Schools: What’s The Point? — Terry O’Connell, Bruce Schenk

It Is Not So Much the Situation that Counts: It Is the Process! — Robert van Pagée

Future Perspective: RAPP Embraces RP in the Team and in Approaching Children and Young People — Craig Clark, Chris Lennie

How to Change a Frog Back Into a Prince — Lisette van der Poel, Alfons J. Ravelli

Victim-Offender Mediation Service of Barakaldo: The Experience of Three Years — Alberto Olalde

One Kid, One Plan, One Circle: Developing Teamwork Through Restorative Practices Among Schools, Social Services and Families in the Central Falls School District — Julia Steiny, Margaret Holland McDuff

Using Restorative Practice to Address Issues in a Sporting Environment — John Boulton, Deborah Wyatt

Leadership in Heart and Bones — Bregje Pel, Jan Ruigrok

Hull: Heading for a Restorative City — Estelle Macdonald, Chris Straker, Mark Finnis

Restoring Peace Through Caring: Restorative Justice and Care Theory — Peggy Lobb

Face to Face: A Turning Point — Kelvin Doherty

Practical Application of Restorative Practices Across the Primary Age Ranges — Irene Fay, Jo Machon

Escaping Victimhood: Restorative Practices with Victims of Serious Crime — Tim Newell, Marcus P. Van-Willing

4–4:50 PM — Breakout Sessions

Developing a Multiple Family Group Conference Model to Respond to Gang-Related Antisocial Behaviour — Sean Haresnape, Cathy Ashley

Roots of Conflict Within Inner-City Life: A Jamaican Perspective — Ursula Khan

Whole-School Change, Theory and Research — Alia Sheety

Speaking Circles: Restorative Conversations for Positive Social Change — Kim Holl

Thinking About the Justice Continuum: Opportunities for a Restorative Response — Pat Gorham

The Theatre/Theory of Restorative Justice — Paul Dwyer

Blackpool: The Introduction of Restorative Practices and Issues Relating to Implementation — John Boulton, Kathryn Boulton

Restore with a Smile: The Provocative Approach — Jan Ruigrok

Restorative Responses to Young People Who Persistently Harm Others — Tim Chapman, Declan Davey

Achieving Singapore’s Desired Outcomes of Education Through Restorative Practices: A Case Study of Ping Yi Secondary School — Ryan Neo, Abdul Malek Bin Osman

Restorative Forgiveness: A Discussion of Victim Restorative Forgiveness in Comparison to Offender Restorative Justice — Wilma Derksen


Day 3 — Fri, 15 Oct


9–9:50 AM — Breakout Sessions

Positive Outcomes for Young People Through the Application of Restorative Practices in Residential Care Units — Marie Gribben

A Transformation from a Woolfman to a Restorative Angel: A Personal Account by Peter Woolf — Gary Stephenson, Peter Woolf

CatZero: An Innovative Partnership Approach to Improving the Outcomes of Young People Aged 16-19 Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) — Dave Bertholini

Strengthening Practice and Team Building Through Restorative Dialogue — Terry O’Connell, Lesley Oliver

Embracing a Whole Community — Helen Flanagan, Mark Millar

Restorative Practices in Halton Schools: A Developing Project — Martin Redmond, Juliet Prescott

Tools to Make Students Understand How to Participate in a Restorative Community — Hans Oostrik, Jelly Bijlsma

10:30–11:20 AM — Breakout Sessions

Critical Analysis of the Professional as Expert Paradigm: Impact on Family Engagement in Social Services — Kameelah M. Mu’Min

The Challenge: Integrating Restorative Practice In Corrections, Youth and Social Work Settings — Terry O’Connell, Grahame Chaseling

Restorative Practice: A Practical Famework for Working with Young People — Lesley Parkinson, Andy Winters

Kedem Association for Developing and Promoting Restorative Practices Throughout the Israeli Population — Dalia Tauber

Foundation Steps Needed to Implement Successful Restorative Practices Within The Early Intervention Scene — Sian Ziesing-Clark, Sandra Newbery

11:30 AM–12:20 PM — Breakout Sessions

Standards in and Accreditation of Restorative Practices: Are They a Blessing or Curse? — Les Davey, Lizzie Nelson

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: The Big Taboo — Marian Liebmann

Detroit, Michigan, USA: On the Road to Restore the Motor City — Henry McClendon Jr.

Relationships and Results: How Schools and Families Are Coming Together to Achieve Success — Kevin Beaton, Gregor Rae

Primary Peacemakers: Building the Foundation for Lifelong Restorative Practices Beginning with Our Youngest Peacemakers — Sean Chumbley, Michael Juan

Circles: Building Community, Developing Relationships and Enhancing Learning—We Can Do It! — Phil McCormick

12:30–1:30 PM — Closing Session

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