View papers from the 8th International Conference on Conferencing held October 18-20, 2006, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.

Plenary Sessions

Mark Finnis & Paul Moran, Sefton Centre for Restorative Practices: Heading for a Restorative Community (plus PowerPoint)

Anat Goldstein, Restorative Practices in Israel: The State of the Field

Gwynedd Lloyd, Restorative Approaches in Scottish Schools: Transformations and Challenges

Laura Rush, Family Group Decision Making: My Steps in the Journey

Gail Ryan & Christopher Hey, Restorative Practices in the Souderton Area School District (plus PowerPoint)

Daniel Van Ness, An Invitation to RJ CitySM

Breakout Sessions

(Papers voluntarily provided by presenters. These do not represent all breakout sessions)

Alana Abramson, Designing Restorative Responses: One Size Does Not Fit All

Brooke Atchley, Using Restorative Practices to More Effectively Deal with Truancy Issues (plus handouts)

Janice Bidyk, Gateway to Opportunity: The City of Calgary''s Response to Youth Diversion (plus handout)

Peta Blood & Margaret Thorsborne, Overcoming Resistance to Whole-School Uptake of Restorative Practices

Gill Boehringer & Jon Henning, Tradition, Myth and Narrative in Building a Restorative Community

Phyllis Boernke & Suzan Nolan, Talking Circles for Schools and Communities (plus handout)

Sara Castillo Vargas, Introducing Restorative Justice in Costa Rica

Wendy Cohen & Karen Berryhill, Bringing Peace, Healing and Promise to Both Sides of Violence

John Cutro, Youth Violence Intervention: Restorative Conferencing in Inner-City Albany, New York (plus handout, statistics and eForum article)

Les Davey & Nicola Preston, Standards and Accreditation in the Use of Restorative Practices: A UK Perspective (plus IIRP principles, National Occupational Standards, Principles of Restorative Processes and Best Practice Guidance)

Les Davey & Nicola Preston, The UK Experience of Using Restorative Practices in the Resolution of Workplace Conflict (plus paper, case studies, script for acknowledged harm, script for unacknowledged harm)

Andrew DeAngelo, Susan Blackburn & Paul Werrell, The Pennsylvania Story: The Implementation of Balanced and Restorative Justice (plus article, additional PowerPoint, system monograph)

Lyn Doppler, Enhanced Student Achievement in a Restorative Practices School Culture: One School''s Journey from Sydney, Australia

Mark Griffiths, The Community Within and Without: The Practitioner''s Role in Developing Community in Restorative Justice

Michael Kearns, Developing Good Relationships to Play Active Roles as Citizens Through the National Curriculum

Frank Leonardi & William King, Working with Children and Youth Who Have or Have Had a Loved One Incarcerated

Michael Maguire, Ron Cameron & Bruce Schenk, Challenges in Creating a Restorative Culture in a Youth Custody Facility

Michael Marks, Peggy Sue Thorpe & Douglas Hamilton, Building Community for Youth in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems: Restorative Community Service and Time-Banking Interventions (plus narrative)

David Mathews, Restorative Practices and Domestic Violence: Doing It in a Different Context

Paul McCold, Restorative Justice at the United Nations

Amanda Nagl & Lowell Richardson, Addressing Underage Drinking and Drug Possession Using Restorative Practices

Terry O''Connell, The Restorative Journey: From Discrete Practice to a Way of Being

Terry O''Connell, Why the Real Justice Script

Lesley Oliver & Cheryl Bevan, Using Restorative Practice as a Catalyst for Systemic Change

Hans Oostrik & Jan Ruigrok, Nonaggression Contracts in Restorative Schools (plus text)

Christa Pierpont & Eddie Howard, Modeling RJ CitySM: Lessons Learned (plus handout)

Nicola Preston, Building Social Capital: Restorative Practices in UK School Communities

Nancy Riestenberg, Positive Youth Development, School Connectedness and Restorative Measures: Theory to Practice

Frida Rundell, The Seer''s Eyes: Restoring Community in Umlazi, South Africa

Bruce Schenk & Terry O''Connell, Actively Living Reconciliation and Restoration: The Restorative Framework and Faith Communities

Bruce Schenk & Terry O''Connell, Adapting the Australian Real Justice Framework to the Canadian School Setting

Danielle Sered, Mature Justice: Developing Restorative Practices for Serious Young Offenders

Rodney Skager, Linking Restorative Practices to Drug Education and Student Assistance

Kristy Sullivan & Kristy Woods, Working Toward Culture Change: The Journey of Calwell Primary School

Ivan Van Damme, The Usefulness of Restorative Practices in Drug Prevention

Dorothy Vaandering, Between Wholeness and Restoration

Mary White, Community Justice Boards for Juveniles

Miriam Zachariah, Peacemaking Circles: A Case of Participatory Decision Making Among Teachers

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