Elizabeth Smull is a skilled restorative practitioner who has provided direct services to struggling youth and their families. A facilitator of Family Group Decision Making (FGDM), she brings extended families together to help them take responsibility to solve their own problems. She coauthored a book on FGDM, Family Power: Engaging and Collaborating with Families (2013). A Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Ms. Smull has supported individuals involved in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. She is also an experienced facilitator of restorative conferences, which bring together significant stakeholders to express their issues and heal the harm in cases of crime and wrongdoing.

Ms. Smull worked within the IIRP model programs, Community Service Foundation and Buxmont Academy, for 15 years. During her time there she oversaw the Conferencing Program, which includes both FGDM and restorative conferences, and supervised counselors for at-risk youth.

Ms. Smull provides restorative practices professional development to a worldwide audience of educators, counselors and social workers and has worked with schools across the country to improve school climate. She is a frequent presenter on restorative practices and FGDM at numerous state, national and international conferences, including the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Conference on FGDM and Other Family Engagement Approaches and the International Bullying Prevention Association Conference. She received a Bachelor of Science in Education: Social Studies from Millersville University and a Master of Restorative Practices and Youth Counseling from the IIRP.

Twitter: @bethsmull_IIRP