Restoring Community

Graduate Education

At the IIRP, learning occurs through participatory and student-centered graduate programs. Our students can earn a Master of Science degree or a non-degree Graduate Certificate (if they have completed a bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, from an accredited college or university).

Our students are passionate, international and diverse. IIRP graduate students are building this emerging field and bringing positive change to their communities.

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Continuing Education

The IIRP is the world’s leading provider of professional development, conferences and symposia in the field of restorative practices. We train and engage more than 10,000 people a year though a wide variety of events around the world.

Our events can stand alone, but many serve as building blocks that can be applied as seat-time toward our graduate programs.

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Licensed Trainers

We need individuals to help us deliver quality professional development events that are affordable and culturally appropriate. If you have attended our events, you may qualify to become a licensed trainer of the IIRP.

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