Papers, slides and handouts from many of the breakout sessions held during the IIRP's 17th World Conference, held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, October 27 - 29, 2014, have now been posted on the International Institute for Restorative Practices' web site.

You may also watch the complete plenary sessions from the conference below.

Day 1: IIRP Trustees Share Work in Hungary, Netherlands and the U.S.

IIRP President and Founder Ted Wachtel chaired a panel of the IIRP Board of Trustees, who represent a diversity of locales worldwide and contributions to the field. They spoke about developments in restorative practices around the world. The panel included:

  • Vidia Negrea, Director for Central and Eastern Europe, IIRP Europe
  • Bill Ballantine, retired human resources manager, Pipersville, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Robert van Pagée, founder of Eigen Kracht Centrale, in the Netherlands
  • Muriel Berkeley, founder of the Baltimore Curriculum Project, in East Baltimore, MD, USA

Two Board members contributed on video:

  • Stacey Miller, Director of Residenial Life, University of Vermont (USA)
  • Henry McClendon, Program Officer, Skillman Foundation, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Day 2: IIRP Administrators on How We Can Best Support a Restorative Movement

IIRP International Directors, Faculty and Administration shared the IIRP's vision and reach, co-chaired by IIRP President Ted Wachtel and Associate Professor and Director of Continuing Education John Bailie. The panel included:

  • Craig Adamson, IIRP Assistant Professor
  • Les Davey, CEO of IIRP Europe
  • Linda Kligman, IIRP Vice President for Advancement
  • Patrick McDonough, IIRP Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Bruce Schenk, Director of IIRP Canada
  • Terry O'Connell, Director of Real Justice Australia

Day 3: The Challenge of Building a Restorative Youth Services Agency


Staff members of Re-Engage Youth Services, in Adelaide, South Australia, chaired by Director of Real Justice Australia Terry O'Connell, shared their journey implementing restorative practices among staff and with the youth and families they serve. Deliberately engaging all the stakeholders and giving everyone more of a voice has made a big difference. Panelists from Re-Engage Youth Services included:

  • Kerrie Sellen, Manager
  • Ben Lohmeyer, Senior Practitioner
  • Julieann Moyle, Team Leader
  • Amanda Grzyb, Team Leader

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