Deepen your understanding of restorative skills and competencies to build community and respond to harm.

People gravitate toward a place where they feel welcomed and accepted. This two-part workshop will help you foster a spirit of shared ownership and responsibility within your classroom.

Co-taught by author Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., IIRP Provost and Associate Professor, and IIRP Lecturer Kevin Jones, Intentional Classroom Engagement: Workshop will engage you in informative conversations and activities you can use the next day.

This event utilizes activity prompts and discussion questions from the book in the Advanced Practitioners Series: Intentional Classroom Engagement.

Session 1 - Building Positive Community
Wednesday, July 14

During the first session, reflect upon and experience engagement activities around restorative mindset, fair process and strategies for crafting proactive circles.

  • Explore proactive relational approaches.
  • Develop restorative practices competencies for complex situations and contexts.
  • Identify which proactive restorative processes to utilize in various situations.

Session 2 - Responding to Harm in Your Community
Wednesday, July 21

Session 2 focuses on responsive restorative engagement approaches to effectively address harm, have hard conversations and repair disrupted relationships.

  • Learn activities to engage your class in productive conversations when things don't feel right.
  • Explore how to address small problems as they arise to forestall bigger problems later.
  • Consider possible restorative approaches to a range of situations, including more serious problems.

Learning Format

This workshop includes two 90-minute interactive online zoom sessions. Learning is highly experiential. 

Each session includes specific instruction along with interactive breakouts where you will engage in practical exercises and discuss topics with fellow participants.

There will be no pre- or post-work for this workshop.

Price: $99

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