We at the IIRP Graduate School are proud of our ability to strengthen and preserve relationships. Part of our culture is finding new and unique ways to showcase our staff and faculty’s expertise and accomplishments. With that, we are excited to announce that Dr. Craig W. Adamson is transitioning from provost for the IIRP to the position of senior advisor to the president.

Craig will continue to serve as president of our model programs, CSF and Buxmont Academy, with the flexibility as senior advisor to share and develop relational practice with other learning organizations. This new role at the IIRP taps into his decades of experience in building sustainable programs and benefits the myriad of collaborative applications our communities seek. Craig is integral to the fabric of the IIRP and will continue to be a part of our growth. In this planned succession, he will support the incoming provost.

Craig’s accomplishments as provost cannot be overstated. He expanded our curriculum to meet the demands of our field, bridging gaps between academia and real-world application with practicality and curiosity. He led our faculty to develop our thesis option and specializations to better serve our students’ academic and career interests. In the spirit of collaboration and fair process, he engaged students in developing our institutional learning goals and consistently supports our staff with his dedication to “practice what we teach.”

On behalf of the hundreds of graduates and thousands of learners, we express our deepest appreciation to Craig and look forward to the continued advancement of the IIRP Graduate School with his support.


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