Photo by Elliott Francis for WAMU

There's a great new web site resource created by the Advancement Project called Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track. This phrase is synonymous to the more familiar one, "ending the school-to-prison pipeline." The site includes news, a map of the movement, success stories, an invitation to attend "action camp," a link to "submit your story" and much more, including links for ways parents, students, teachers, law enforcement and activists can get involved.

Click here to visit the web site.

In a related bit of news from WAMU (American University public radio in Washington, D.C.) states, "A coalition of students is demanding that Congress reject legislation that promotes the use of police or armed guards in public schools." One student is quoted as saying, "We know already in our communities that police don't make our schools any safer."

A transcript of the piece and a link to listen to the radio report can be found here.



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