RJC Launches Practitioners RegisterThis is exciting news from the UK – the creation of a register for restorative practitioners and the launching of a quality control structure. The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) "Practitioner Register" for the first time gives restorative practitioners professional recognition for their work. It has a very broad focus, open to practitioners in education, social care, criminal justice and community-based agencies as well as practitioners using these skills in their workplace. Based on the national occupational standards, the Practitioner Register for the first time provides a truly national framework for quality assurance for this field.

Crispin Blunt, Secretary of State for Justice, speaking to practitioners at the launch event commented, "Practitioner registration is essential in building public confidence in restorative justice and providing anyone considering participation in restorative justice with a transparent check on whether the person working with them is qualified to do so." He added, "The public deserve the reassurance that this register will provide and as a society we need the best restorative practice that you have to offer."

Lizzie Nelson, Director of RJC said, "The impact recent riots have had on local communities demonstrates just how relevant restorative justice can be in today’s society, giving victims and communities a voice, and making sure offenders repair the damage caused to local communities. The launch of the practitioner register marks a significant step towards restorative justice being recognized as an effective solution to rehabilitating those convicted, reducing crime in England and Wales and enabling victims to move forward in their lives."

As the founding Chair of the RJC's Standards and Accreditation Board and Vice Chair of the RJC, Les Davey, CEO of IIRP UK & Ireland, is "very proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time by all those involved." He said, "We are all really excited about the launch of the RJC Practitioner Register, which provides assurance that all registered restorative practitioners meet and maintain national standards of practice."

Nelson also said, “Restorative practice changes lives. We know that for some victims of crime, it’s what lets them move forward. For offenders, meeting the victim can be what gives them the motivation to change. RJ reduces the incidence of bullying in schools, leading to fewer exclusions and it can be used to resolve conflict in communities before problems escalate. The practitioners doing this skilful and effective work deserve professional recognition and the public deserves transparent assurance that they are being offered a safe and effective process. The new national Practitioner Register provides both.”

The register allows anyone to check whether a practitioner is registered and search for a registered practitioner with the skills they require. The Practitioner Register is open to everyone using restorative practice – whether volunteers or paid staff – in any field. Associates of the Register are simply required to sign up to the RJC’s Practitioner Code of Conduct. Accredited Practitioners additionally need to provide evidence that their practice meets national occupational standards in restorative practice and ongoing evidence of their continuing professional development.

This page explains the register and discusses the two levels of membership.

View the register and the growing list of practitioners here.

A press release from the Ministry of Justice can be found here.

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