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The IIRP conducts a three-day "Training of Trainers" (TOT) to teach experienced practitioners how to facilitate the “Introduction to Restorative Practices” and “Using Circles Effectively" professional development days. 

Once trained, participants will be licensed trainers and able to provide this 2-day offering within their agency or limited geographical area. For organizations that have already held some amount of on-site training from the IIRP, this will provide a cost-effective way to continue to train new staff by becoming capable of providing this high-quality training "in-house." For others, it provides a way to initiate the implementation of restorative practices in your setting or conduct training in your locale.

When am I eligible to take the TOT?

The Training of Trainers Programs are for experienced restorative practitioners. Individuals should be well versed in restorative practices and should have experience holding group discussions in a circle. During the training, attendees will be required to share these experiences with the group. There is no specific timeframe that the IIRP has that you can accomplish becoming a practitioner. Since this is dependent on personal experience, timing will vary for each individual. 

Steps to Become a Licensed Trainer:
  1. Attend both of the prerequisite “Introduction to Restorative Practices” and “Using Circles Effectively" events. If you have yet to attend these events, view upcoming training dates here.
  2. Gain experience using these practices in your setting.
  3. Complete the information form here to begin the Training of Trainers process. An IIRP representative will contact you.
  4. Attend the 3-day Training of Trainers. These are scheduled throughout the year. The training of trainers can also be held on-site at your organization with a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of twelve (12) participants.
  5. Complete a Licensing Agreement with the IIRP outlining the potential target audience — who and where you would like to train, agreeing to all terms of the agreement. The IIRP will ask that this be narrowly defined, such as within a specific organization or limited geographical area.
  6. Start training and get experience.
  7. Sign up for the IIRP's free ongoing Trainer Development webinars. This is an opportunity to receive extra support from IIRP's master trainers for developing your skills and receive useful feedback on providing the highest quality training. (Access to webinars provided once licensing process is complete.)