After two years of preparation, the first issue of Restorative Justice: An International Journal (RJIJ), published by Hart Publishing, Oxford (UK), appeared earlier this year, and the second issue is now available electronically.

The official launch of RJIJ is September 5, 2013, at the European Society of Criminology Annual Conference, in Budapest, Hungary, featuring a lecture by Prof. Shadd Maruna, Queen's University Belfast, UK, entitled, "An Homage to Albert Eglash: Strengths Based Approaches to Restoration." All are welcome. Read a 2003 eForum article about Albert Eglash.

RJIJ Issue Two – Contents:


Why restorative justice matters for criminology
Lode Walgrave, Ivo Aertsen, Stephan Parmentier, Inge Vanfraechem and Estelle Zinsstag


Victims’ needs and participation in justice: is there a role for vengeance?
Bas van Stokkom

For whom is restorative justice? A mixed-method study on victims and (non-) participation
Daniela Bolívar

The meaning of impunity: what do victims, offenders and society think of restorative encounters in the context of ETA terrorism in Spain?
Gema Varona

Revisiting people’s mediation in China: practice, performance and challenges
Hongwei Zhang

Family violence, fathers, and restoring personhood
Joan Pennell, Tia Sanders, R. V. Rikard, Joetta Shepherd and Leslie Starsoneck

Book reviews

Stephen Hanvey, Terry Philpot and Chris Wilson: A community-based
approach to the reduction of sexual offending: circles of support and accountability
Karen Harrison

Chris Cunneen and Carolyn Hoyle: Debating restorative justice
Theo Gavrielides

Ross London: Crime, punishment and restorative justice: from the margins to the mainstream
Christopher Bennett

Tali Gal: Child victims and restorative justice: a needs-rights model
Päivi Honkatukia

Through original, ground-breaking articles about RJ and a vibrant book review section, RJIJ presents the fruits of academic research as well as practice- and policy-related information on RJ worldwide.

RJIJ seeks to deepen empirical and theoretical knowledge, achieve a fluent exchange of ideas that will stimulate debate within the field and advance the development of RJ in a critical and independent way. RJIJ welcomes contributions from all intellectual traditions and directions.

Restorative Practices eForum subscribers are entitled to a discounted subscription to RJIJ.

This is the first print and online peer-reviewed journal wholly dedicated to restorative justice. We are pleased to support editor-in-chief Ivo Aertsen and his fellow editors from the University of Leuven and the University of Hull, who have undertaken such an important step in the development of this emerging field of study.

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