I'd like to point out a new blog of the Colorado Restorative Justice Council, which is being coordinated by IIRP graduate Ben Emery. In a recent post, Emery asks, "Restorative Justice Training - Co-op Style?" He points out:

The State Coordinating Council on Restorative Justice is into its toddler years now. And when Senate Bill 11-1032, deemed the Restorative Justice Bill, landed on 22 district attorney desks this summer, those D.A.s no longer needed to Google restorative justice. Many have been using the approach for some years now.

... Among today's pressing issues facing the Colorado restorative justice community, which include consensus building around standards of practice as well as credentialing, is the question of sustainable training models.

Colorado Restorative Justice Council was created by previous legislation in 2007. To learn more about both laws, you can find links at a blog post I wrote in August by clicking here. I'm looking forward to hearing more about Ben's work and sharing it here.

Additionally, I've been wanting to follow up on this story in Colorado. Pete Lee, sponsor of the bill in the Colorado House of Representatives, commented on that August announcement by saying, "I think you have captured the essence of the law.  You might want to note that it passed unanimously in the House and the Senate. That indicates the bipartisan support for restorative justice.  I refer to it as an omnibus bill since it deals with adults, juveniles, DOC, youth corrections, schools and victims." Lee added that I could post his contact information here if anyone would like to contact him. His involvement in the RJ field and in crafting both pieces of legislation would certainly be a useful resource:

Pete Lee, State Representative, House District 18
Phone: 719 632-1165   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Web: www.PeteLeeColorado.com

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