I had the recent pleasure of meeting with Ian Marder, Ph.D., Lecturer in Criminology at Maynooth University’s Department of Law, Republic of Ireland, to discuss his recent publication. The article, "The new international restorative justice framework: Reviewing three years of progress and efforts to promote access to services and cultural change," was published in The International Journal of Restorative Justice in 2020.

During our discussion, Ian highlighted the key advances in the international law, guidelines and policy pertaining to restorative justice. These move the conversation on restorative justice forward by reflecting key advances in domestic policy and practice in recent years. In particular, the new UN Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes builds on its predecessors by stating clearly that restorative justice could be appropriate with any type of offense. A new European legal instrument likewise calls on countries to ensure that restorative justice is available throughout the justice process and for all types of crime. It also outlines restorative principles and their proactive applications, and explores how to embed these in ways that change the culture of criminal justice.

Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., is Provost and Associate Professor at the IIRP Graduate School

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