Kevin Jones1

Kevin Jones is “a truly selfless individual, who never fails to see hope and possibility in all children, despite what challenges they have." That’s what the judges wrote about Kevin when presenting him with the Martin Luther King. Jr., Human Relations Award, from the Bloomington, Indiana, Human Relations Committee, on January 14, 2017. 
As a Student and Family Services Adminstrator, Kevin is helping children work through conflict and bringing them more deeply into the surrounding community. He is implementing restorative practices at the Bloomington Alternative Regional School and providing support for practices throughout the region.
“The climate at my school has improved tremendously,” he notes, “including dramatic changes in student behavior and improved attendance.”
When Kevin was introduced to restorative practices, he found it aligned with everything he has believed for 30 years of working with children and families. He says that IIRP courses have enabled him to “connect and build relationships with so many outstanding people from across the country and the world.”
A recipient of an IIRP Graduate School Graduate Certificate, Kevin is pursuing the Master of Science in Restorative Practices.

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