Interdisciplinary Conference

This interdisciplinary conference will provide an international perspective on restorative practices theory and practice in a variety of settings, including education, social welfare, criminal justice, community development and workplaces. Restorative practitioners from around the world will share their knowledge and achievements and find encouragement, support and advice.

Who Should Attend
    • Social workers
    • Teachers
    • School administrators
    • Probation officers
    • Police
    • Researchers
    • Community volunteers
    • Criminologists
    • Counselors
    • Peacemakers
    • Academicians
    • Judges
    • Public planners
    • Corrections officers
  • Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Each day will begin with a plenary session. This year's featured presentations will include Building Campus Community: Restorative Practices in Residential Life, with Stacey Miller, director of residential life at the University of Vermont; FGC/FGDM as a Transition from Prison in Hungary, with Vidia Negrea, director of the Community Service Foundation of Hungary; Whole-School Change Through Restorative Practices, with IIRP instructor Steve Korr; Restorative Practices in Neighborhoods in Lima, Peru, with Jean Schmitz, director of the Latin American Institute for Restorative Practices; and Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network, with IIRP president and founder Ted Wachtel

Participatory Sessions

The rest of the day is participatory, as IIRP conferences are created by you and others like you who have submitted proposals to present in 50-minute breakout session.

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