People & Performance: Building Effective Workplace Culture

Organizations tend to focus on one of two areas: performance or people. But research shows that a balanced focus on both leads to higher success across several factors.

culture building dual focus
McKinsey Global Institute

The question is, how do you go about creating a sustainable workplace culture that enhances both performance and people? A relational approach that incorporates both support and accountability built around the principles of restorative practices is a proven way to make that happen.

Restorative practices provides research-based competencies, skills, and approaches that can create collective purpose, responsibility, and accountability within an organization.

culture building flow chart

In this training, you will learn specific principles and skills that will help you and your team successfully:

  • Shift from simply following directives to embracing ownership
  • Increase collaboration & personal connections
  • Build support around decisions and change initiatives, even in the face of disagreement
  • Enhance critical thinking and communication skills to become more adept at influencing change
  • Develop more effective onboarding and training processes that increase job satisfaction and retention
  • Increase emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and conflict management capabilities
  • Build diverse teams that work well together, drive innovation, and adjust to market changes quickly
  • Produce higher quality work/outputs on a more consistent basis for in-person, hybrid, or remote workplaces
  • Develop participatory problem-solving that sparks creativity, improves decision-making, and effectively navigates complexity
  • Improve workplace continuity, resiliency, and succession planning
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration
  • Create workplace cultures that high-performing people are seeking

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