Youth United for Change (YUC) describes itself as "a youth-led, democratic organization made up of youth of color and working class communities, with the 'people' and political power to hold school officials and government accountable to meeting the educational needs of Philadelphia public school students."

The following video, produced by YUC and the Advancement Project, features youth talking about how security measures in schools, such as police officers and metal detectors, actually make them feel less safe and often criminalize them for normal youthful behavior. They propose that their schools use restorative justice as an alternative, and the film shows them using restorative circles in a manner that suggests proactive community building.

Last year YUC was instrumental in winning changes to the Philadelphia schools student conduct code. They have also partnered with groups like the Dignity in Schools Campaign to work to end the so-called "school to prison pipeline."

This video, "Youth United for Change: Bring Safe Schools to Philadelphia," can also be seen here.

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