The Three Questions video series features new and innovative thinkers from the field of restorative practices and beyond. In each episode, a special guest is asked three engaging questions by John W. Bailie, Ph.D., IIRP President, that center around themes of leadership and organizational culture.

Episode 2 of the Three Questions video series features Steven Lozada, MBA, PCC, PMP. Steven is the President and Chief Coach at Upward Mindset, a consulting firm that specializes in emotional intelligence, motivation, and how values shape leadership and organizational culture. He is also a leadership coach for Flawless Consulting.

The three questions Steven answers are:

  • As a leader, what is the difference between influence and control?
  • What skills or competencies would you most recommend that leaders develop in order to exercise greater influence?
  • In a recent conversation, Steven mentioned that Flawless Consulting training helps to create “flawless leaders.” What does flawless leadership mean?

For more information about Steven’s work, please visit He will also be the instructor for Flawless Consulting training offered through the IIRP.

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