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Prevention Researcher devotes the entire contents of its February 2013 issue to the topic of "Restorative justice: Changing how we approach crime and wrongdoing." Prevention Researcher has made the entire issue viewable in digital format on line.

Relevant links can be found embedded in the following text from associate editor Colette Kimball's blog post, "Restorative justice: The evolution of an issue":

"For our issue, we found an excellent author, Avery Calhoun, to write the introduction, which provides a brief history and gives us a foundation. Then, we feature two case studies – one set in a school and one in a juvenile justice program – to show restorative justice at work.

We add detail to the mechanics of restorative justice with two additional articles, one about the supports necessary to bring restorative justice into a school, and another about the difficulties that youth with language competence problems have in the highly verbal exchanges typical in restorative justice programs. Finally, I am delighted to conclude this issue with an interview with Ted Wachtel of IIRP. While our issue is focused primarily around restorative justice, Ted talks about the broader approach of restorative practices, which has the potential to stop wrongdoing from happening in the first place.

"With support from IIRP the digital edition of our February 2013 restorative justice issue is available for free. Learn more about the issue here (where you may also purchase printed copies). Or, go here to view the whole issue in digital format."

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