View the conference schedule and presentation materials (where provided).

Day 1 — Wednesday August 1, 2012:

Plenary Sessions

Building a Learning Network and Defining Restorative (video | paper) - Ted Wachtel

Building Campus Community: Restorative Practices in Residential Life (video | paper)- Stacey Miller

Breakout Sessions

A “Tripod” Model of District-wide School Reform - Bill Sower

Implementing and Sustaining Restorative Services in Neighborhoods and Communities (handout)- Les Davey, John Boulton

Restorative Practices: Graduate Students’ Perspectives Seen through a Transformative Learning Lens - Craig Adamson

Peacemaking Circles: Practicing at Work How We Want to Show Up in Life - Tracy Roberts

Responding to Harm in Faith Communities: Two Case Studies - Anne Martin, Bruce Schenk

Implementing a Restorative Practice Workshop on Improving Attitudes about Individuals with Disabilities - Jyh-Hann Chang, Bonnie A. Green

Teaching and Learning in Circles: Building Community, Developing Relationships and Enhancing Learning—Mission Possible? - Philip James McCormick

What’s the Policy? Using Restorative Practices to Establish a School-wide Disciplinary Plan - Stephen R. Young, Brenda Young

A Restorative Campus: Examining the Challenges and Opportunities beyond Residential Life, Judicial Affairs and Conduct Boards - Rebecca Mowrey, Michelle Pérez

Working with Non-contracts - Jan Ruigrok, Laurien Ruigrok

One Community’s Uninterrupted Time: Putting the Community at the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Table - David Nosko

The Challenge: Integrating Restorative Practice in Corrections, Family, Youth and Social Work Settings - Terry O’Connell

Art, Identity and Relationship: A Workshop Applying the Expressive Arts as Restorative Practice in Work with Adolescent Girls - Diane M. Edgecomb

Creating a Values-based and Restorative-centered Workplace Environment - Sharon Mast

Process as Content: Using Team-based Learning to Teach Restorative Practices - Jennifer Langdon

Sustaining Our Restorative Journey: A Singapore Perspective - Martin Chan, Annie Tan

Relational-Cultural Model: Approaches for Connected Learning within an Academic Classroom - Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

Relationships and Results: How Schools and Families Are Coming Together to Achieve Success - Joanne Faulkner, Kay Cawley

How Do Restorative Practices Help Build Developmental Assets? - Lee Rush

Who Are the Victims and When Does Healing Occur? - Carol DiMambro, Jonathan E. Gradess, John Cutro

Teaching Restorative Values to Students through Cooperative Games and Activities - Kimberly Tebow


Social Law: The Interface Between Social Work and the Law Creating a More Comprehensive Problem-solving Approach - Laurie Smith Kaczanowska

Roundtable Discussion on Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network - Ted Wachtel

How Can We Engage Whole Communities in Restorative Practices within Criminal Justice - Valerie J. Keitch

Restorative Practices as an Anti-bullying Strategy - Les Davey, John Boulton


Day 2 — Thursday August 2, 2012:

Plenary Sessions


Family Group Conferencing/Family Group Decision Making as a Transition from Prison in Hungary (video | paper) - Vidia Negrea

Whole-school Change through Restorative Practices (video | paper) - Steve Korr

Breakout Sessions

Connecting Restorative School Practices to Brain Research and Bullying Prevention - Chuck Saufler

Putting Things Right: A Restorative Justice Workshop at SCI Graterford Prison - Joyce A. Zavarich

They Can Be Taught! Emotional Intelligence Skills and At-risk Youth (and Others) (handouts)- Jennifer Rebecca Muret-Bate

That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It … Or Am I?: Narratives, Desistance and Circles of Support and Accountability - Derek Miodownik

Hull and Leeds, UK: Restorative Collaboration across Two Cities - Estelle Macdonald, Joanne Faulkner

Silence Is Golden - Jan Peter Dembinski

The Roles of Volunteerism and Community in Restorative Justice - Caryn Saxon

Restore with a Smile: The Provocative Approach - Jan Ruigrok, Laurien Ruigrok

Can Mandated In-school Suspension Serve as a Context for Restorative Approaches to Discipline? - Katherine Evans

Adapting to Organizational Change through the Use of Professional Learning Groups - Phyllis Elliott

Articulation of the Network of Guarantee of Youth and Children’s Rights: A Fundamental Axis in Restorative Justice Projects - Cristina Assumpção Meirelles

It’s about Teaching and Learning: A Restorative Framework and Schools - Terry O’Connell, Bruce Schenk

How Important Is Forgiveness to the Process of Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice? - Peggy Lobb

Understanding the Conflict Cycle - Donna B. Sayegh

Restoring Business Performance: Using Restorative Practices to Improve Business Results - John Graham Macdonald

The Use of Restorative Practices in a Traumatized School Community: A Case Study - Perrie A. McMillen, Susan Mateer

Lost History of Restorative Practice: The Indigenous Chakma Justice System of Bangladesh - Muhammad Asadullah

Embedding and Enhancing Restorative Practices in Hull’s (UK) Leading Restorative Primary School - Carolyn McCormick, Irene Fay

Restoring Humanity: A Psychological Framework for Restorative Practice - Laura Garcia Bohnet

Restorative Practices and “Crucial Conversations” and “Crucial Confrontations”: Engaging Troubled Youth in Effective Problem Solving - Seth B. Harkins

RESTORE: A Restorative Response to Specific Juvenile Crimes - Perrie A. McMillen, Susan Mateer

Creativity and Restorative Practices: “space2face” - Alyson Halcrow, Clair Aldington

Roundtable Discussion on Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network - Ted Wachtel

Physical Literacy through Restorative Justice - Patty S. Gollogly

Future Restorative Teachers: Reflections from a Faculty of Education’s First Course on Restorative Practice - Kristin Reimer


Day 3 — Friday August 3, 2012:

Plenary Session

Restorative Practices in Neighborhoods in Lima, Peru (videopaper) Jean Schmitz

Breakout Sessions

Using Unitive Justice Principles to Create a Restorative School Program - Sylvia Clute, Donna Chewning

Confronting Taboos and Meeting Needs: Conferencing of Serious and Complex Cases - Les Davey, John Boulton

Tools to Make Students Understand How to Participate in a Restorative Community - Jan Ruigrok, Laurien Ruigrok

Restorative Principles as Preventative Practices - Roz Myers

The Restorative Corporation: What Might It Look Like? How Might It Feel? Let’s See - Gregor Fraser Rae

Tired of Traditional Floor Meetings? Don’t Think They Help Students Connect? Try Community Circles! - Tamara H. Kenney


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