Restorative Works: What Works, What Doesn't, How and Why
The 17th IIRP World Conference
October 27-29, 2014 | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Pre/post-conference Oct. 25-26 & Oct. 30-31

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Day 1 — Monday, October 27, 2014

9-10:20 AM — Plenary Session

  • Panel: Learn about exciting developments in restorative practices around the world. The panel is comprised of the IIRP Trustees, representing a diversity of locales and contributions to the field: Vidia Negrea (Hungary: prisons, communities), Robert van Pagée (Netherlands: families), Gregor Rae (Scotland: business), and Muriel Berkeley (USA: education).
  • Co-chairs: IIRP Trustee Chair Bill Ballantine & President Ted Wachtel

10:40-11:30 AM — Breakout Sessions #1

  • Why Fair Process Works: Meeting the Emotional Needs of At-Risk Youth — Jennifer Muret Bate
  • Becoming a Restorative Practitioner — Ben Lohmeyer, Kerrie Sellen — Slides
  • “The Difficultator”: Advanced Facilitator Training Through Forum Theater — Haley Farrar, J.D., Ken Keusenkothen, Kathleen McGoey, M.A.
  • Transform Disciplinary Issues into Opportunities for Education with a Variety of Restorative Justice Practices — Maximillian Monroy-Miller
  • Restorative Practices in Prison Is Never Too Late — Vidia Negrea
  • Community Justice Centers in Vermont: What’s All the Buzz About? — Susan A. Cherry
  • Building Community in a Self-Directed Learning Center for Teens Using a Restorative Practices Framework — Joshua Wachtel

1:30–2:20 PM — Breakout Sessions #2

  • Affective Impact: Getting the Most from Your Restorative Efforts — Sharon Mast — Slides
  • Shoulda! Woulda! Coulda! A Discussion on Brain Integration and How It Affects Decision-Making Processes — Frida C. Rundell
  • The Challenges of Bringing Restorative to Corporate Culture — Rachel M. Krol, Kay Kyungsun Yu — Slides
  • Measuring Effectiveness in Juvenile Justice Programs — Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., CADC
  • The Heart of Me Power: How Kids Can Understand the Positive Power They All Have — Deb Chisholm, M.Ed., CMC — Slides
  • Strengths and Limitations of Restorative Practices with Special Needs Students: A Case Study of the Greenwood School — Kelly O'Ryan
  • Using Restorative Practices to Foster Healthy Relationships and Promote Positive Discipline in Schools — Dwanna Nicole — Handout
  • Empowering an Educational Community the Restorative Way: Advocating for Restorative Practices from the Ground Up — Janet L. Fox Petersen, Ed.D., Rob Simon — Slides
  • Is Your Social Discipline Window Dirty? A Framework for a Clearer View — Kris Wraight

2:40-3:30 PM — Breakout Sessions #3

  • Fostering Restorative Workplaces: A Framework Approach — Bruce Schenk
  • Taking a Look in the Mirror: Restorative Practices Starts with Us — Elizabeth Smull, Mary Jo Hebling — Slides
  • Bringing Restorative Practices to Scale in Education — John W. Bailie, Ph.D.
  • The Need for Restorative Practices in Project-Based Learning: Developing 21st Century Competencies — Owen D. Webb
  • What Is This Thing Called Shame? — Jane Pennington
  • Adults Can Talk Until They Are Blue in the Face: Using Youth Volunteers Effectively — Haley Farrar, J.D., Ken Keusenkothen, Kathleen McGoey, M.A.

3:50-4:40 PM — Breakout Sessions #4

  • Weaving a Tapestry of School Culture — Scott Marty — Slides | Handout
  • FACE for Families: Giving Families in Crisis a Chance to Rediscover Each Other — Martin Prost
  • For the Federal Defense: Integrating Restorative Practices with Criminal Defense in the Eastern District of New York — Vivianne Guevara
  • Toronto District School Board Restores! Moving Forward with Restorative Practices in a Large School Board — Ruth Bell, Christine Gaitens, Cindy Zwicker Reston
  • Restorative and Transformative Responses to Sexual Violence — Matthew Johnson — Slides | Thesis

Day 2 — October 28, 2014

9-10:20 AM — Plenary Session

  • Panel: This panel will focus on how we can we best support a restorative movement. Hear about the evolution of the IIRP's vision and reach with Terry O’Connell (Real Justice Australia), Les Davey (IIRP Europe), Bruce Schenk (IIRP Canada), Craig Adamson (IIRP), Patrick McDonough (IIRP), and other IIRP staff.
  • Co-chairs: Director for Continuing Education John Bailie & President Ted Wachtel

10:40-11:30 AM — Breakout Sessions #5

  • (Restorative) Challenge of Institutional Sexual Abuse — Matt Casey — Slides
  • Family Group Conferencing as a Bridge Between Life World and System World — Robert van Pagée — Slides
  • Teen Suicide: Risk Factors for Bullying to Become Bullycide — Roz Myers, JD, MA, John Jay-CUNY Graduate Center — Handout
  • Integrating Restorative Justice in the Context of Formal Adjudications — Wade F. Hyder
  • Pathways to State Legislation Promoting Restorative Justice Practices — Dan Kahn — Handout
  • Chunks on the Scaffold of Child/Youth Development — Rick Kelly — Slides | Paper
  • Restorative Practices Applied to Inner Conflict — Dr. Paul Redekop — Paper
  • Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose Back to Teaching and Learning: Utilizing Restorative Practices in Education — Dara Feldman

1:30–2:20 PM — Breakout Sessions #6

  • Where Is Restorative Practices Working in Public Schools, and Why Is It Working There? — Michael DeAntonio
  • Invested Youth, Society’s Dividend: A Plan to Rebuild the “Village” — Monica Evans — Slides | Handout 1 | Handout 2
  • Diversion: A Decision Point with a Purpose — Jennifer Gauthier, L.G.S.W., M.S.W. — Slides
  • Cross Fit Restorative Practice: A Health and Wellness Approach to Improve Individual and Community Well-being — Tory B. Kouame, B.S.W., Marie Palumbo-Hayes, LICSW — Slides
  • Restorative Justice Practices Put to Use in Faith Communities: Guidance from a 12-Year Veteran — Rev. Alan Newton — Slides
  • Restorative Circles and Mindfulness for Elementary Students with Emotional Needs and Higher-Functioning Autism — Sara A. Hackman
  • Restorative Justice and Practice in New Zealand Today: Taking Bold Steps — Mike Hinton
  • Linking Restorative Practices and Bullying Prevention in Schools: Challenges and Opportunities — Stacie Molnar-Main, Ed.D.

2:40-3:30 PM — Breakout Sessions #7

  • A Restorative Approach to Preventing and Intervening with School-Based Truancy and Tardiness — Kim Vindler, LCSW — Slides | Handout
  • Wolakota: The Indigenous Peacemaking Process on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation — Richard W. Iron Cloud, B.A., M.L.L.
  • IIRP Graduate School Information Session — Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., CADC
  • Restorative Practice as a Key Component in a Three-Part Strategy to Reduce Bullying in Schools — John-Robert Curtin — Slides | Paper
  • Just Do It! Our Grassroots Journey in Promoting Restorative Practices in Our School — Sherry Burdick, Barb Kickbush, Lisa Nappi
  • Incarcerated Restorative Practitioners: Restorative Justice Workshops Within Maximum Security Prison — Dr. Joyce A. Zavarich
  • Converting the Buffalo Schools from a Zero Tolerance Format to a Restorative Justice Model — Susan Gillick, Ph.D.
  • Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD): A Faith-Based Response to Bullying Behaviors — Margaret Ahle, Lynne Lang

3:50-4:40 PM — Breakout Sessions #8

  • Shame: Recognizing Shame Responses and Processing It Effectively — Pam Thompson, Samantha H. White
  • Restorative Practices: Taking It to the Streets — Tom Albright, Sherri Brokopp Binder, Ph.D. — Slides
  • Success Prep Academy: The Transformational Power of Equity in Action — Linda D. Harper, Ed.D.
  • “That Didn’t Work, Now What?”: Overcoming the Fatigue of Implementation — Dr. Ryan R. Giffing — Slides
  • Letter from the Mayor: A Film Documenting a Family Group Conference for a Neighborhood Dispute — Robert van Pagée
  • A Student-Driven Model for Transitioning Students Successfully from Elementary, Middle and High School — Sharalene Charns

Day 3 — October 29, 2014

9-9:50 AM — Breakout Sessions #9

  • So That’s What’s Going On! Understanding Emotion in Restorative Practice (Part 1 of 2) — Matt Casey, Susan Leigh Deppe, M.D. — Slides | Handout
  • Redefining Restorative Justice/Practices (Part 1 of 2) — Terry O'Connell — Slides
  • Advocating More Effectively for Restorative Justice — Jan Peter Dembinski
  • How Can Restorative Practices Decrease Occurrences of the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Male Students? — Martha I. Russell, Ph.D.
  • The Necessity of a Mentoring Program When Designing a Fully Restorative School — Jessica Zimmerman, Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., CADC
  • World Cup Level Trainers: Mastering the Science Behind Training Engagement — Sharon Mast — Slides

10-10:50 AM — Breakout Sessions #10

  • So That’s What’s Going On! Understanding Emotion in Restorative Practice (Part 2 of 2) — Matt Casey, Susan Leigh Deppe, M.D. — Slides | Handout
  • Redefining Restorative Justice/Practices (Part 2 of 2) — Terry O'Connell — Slides
  • Looks, Sounds and Feels Like a Restorative Organization — Ben Lohmeyer, Kerrie Sellen — Slides
  • Teamplay: Teaching Restorative Practices Through Games — Haley Farrar, J.D., Ken Keusenkothen, Kathleen McGoey, M.A.
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives: What Adults Can Say Today to Help Transform the Tomorrows of Our Youth — Shauna F. King
  • Zero Tolerance Ends Where Restorative Practices Are Embraced: A Presentation from an Urban School Perspective — Brenda R. Lee
  • Bullying: “It’s Just Part of Growing Up, Isn’t It?” — Les Davey — Slides | Quiz Answers

11:10 AM-1:30 PM — Closing Session

  • Speakers: Kerrie Sellen & staff — "The Challenge of Building a Restorative Youth Services Organization" — Paper
  • Co-chairs: Terry O’Connell & Ted Wachtel
  • Closing comments by audience

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