View papers from the 10th IIRP World Conference, held November 7-9, 2007, in Budapest, Hungary.

Plenary Sessions

Les Davey (United Kingdom), Restorative Practices In Workplaces

Eva Fahlström (Sweden), A Different Way: Supervision at a Day Shelter for Homeless Women in Sweden

Erzsébet Hatvani (Hungary), Victim-Offender Mediation in Hungary

Mária Herczog (Hungary), Face to Face

Mária Kerényi (Hungary), About the Jumpstart Programme of the Zöld Kakas Líceum

Paul McCold (United States), Making Sense of Restorative Practices Research

Gyöngyvér Magyar (Hungary), The Experience of SOS Children’s Villages Association Hungary

Vidia Negrea (Hungary), Big Changes Start with Little Steps

Terry O’Connell (Australia), The Origins of Restorative Conferencing

Bruce Schenk (Canada), Restorative Practices in a Canadian School Context

Robert van Pagée (Netherlands), Citizens First: FGDM Promotes Citizenship

Ted Wachtel (United States), Restorative Practices: A Vision of Hope

Breakout Sessions

(Papers voluntarily provided by presenters. These do not represent all breakout sessions)

Gill Boehringer, Restorative Practice in Professional Sport: Joe Beimel''s Cut Hand, Curfew Violation, and Rehabilitation

Borbála Fellegi, Reconciliation Between Retribution and Restoration: Attitudes of Judges and Prosecutors Towards Restorative Justice in Hungary

Mark Finnis, Christopher Straker, The Golden Thread: Bringing a City Together, Creating a Unifying and Consistent Approach for Dealing with Young People

Eileen Legallais, The Process of Establishing Restorative Justice in Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Llewellyn, Institutionalizing Restorative Justice: Lessons From the Nova Scotia Restorative
Justice Program

Philippa Lovell, Restorative Practices in Catholic School Communities: A System-Based Approach

Joyce Martin, Restorative Justice and the Education of Moral Development for Males and Females

Terry O’Connell, The Continuing Restorative Journey With Faith Communities

Terry O’Connell, The Restorative Practice Framework In School Communities

Terry O’Connell, ‘Why The Real Justice Script?’

Martin Chan Weng Onn, Ismail Bin Yusoff, Towards a Restorative School: A Singapore Perspective

Hans Oostrik, Marja Verhaagen, Non-Aggression Contracts in Restorative Schools

Hans Oostrik, Marja Verhaagen, Tools to Make Students Understand How to Participate in a Restorative Community

James Termotto, Sandie Hastings, Community Peacemaking Using Restorative Principles: Establishing a Culture of Harmony in the Presence of Community Dissonance

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