In the coming year IIRP will be offering three different 4Day Events in a host of locations nationwide.

  • Basic Restorative Practices   Four days of professional development, exploring the full range of restorative practices. Day 1: Introduction to Restorative Practices. Day 2: Using Circles Effectively. Day 3: Facilitating Restorative Conferences. Day 4: Family Engagement.
  • Restorative Responses to Grief, Trauma and Adversity   This event will teach you how to employ restorative practices such as restorative conferences to respond effectively to serious incidents. Acquire valuable skills for responding to trauma and grief. Explore the grieving process from a fresh and practical perspective. Address the essential issue of self-care. View and discuss videos of powerful true stories.
  • Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace   A highly participatory and engaging experience for managers, supervisors, teachers, parents or anyone in a position of responsibility or authority. Over the four days you will learn the principles of restorative leadership, an engaging, collaborative and effective way to exercise your authority.

In addition to taking these events as professional development experiences, you can also choose to apply your experience toward graduate/postgraduate education courses through supplemental online coursework.

The Basic Restorative Practices Event is being offered:

  • Feb 23-24 & Mar 2-3 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Mar 13-14 & 18-19 |  The Central, Singapore
  • Apr 8-11 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Apr 8-11 |  Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Apr 9-12 |  Boston, Massachusetts
  • Apr 19 & 22-24 |  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Apr 29-30 & May 9-10 |  New York City (hosted by City Year New York)
  • Jul 8-11 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Jul 29 - Aug 1 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Restorative Responses to Grief, Trauma and Adversity:

  • Mar 16-17 & Mar 23-24 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Apr 22-25 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Jun 10-13 |  Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Jul 22-25 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Restorative Leadership Development, Authority with Grace:

  • Apr 15-18 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Jul 15-18 |  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Other Bethlehem, Pennsylvania events include:


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