Since I hadn't actually been in Halifax for the International Conference in June, I passed along my blog entry about John Braithwaite's keynote to a few people who had been there, including Terry O'Connell. Terry happened to be at the Singapore Conference with Braithwaite when I emailed him so he showed John my post which I had derived from a PDF outline which is now posted on the IIRP web site. According to Terry, Braithwaite replied by saying that "whilst his name is John that he is not prepared to admit to being the 'John' who spoke at Halifax." He also asked that I say that the he spoke "very generally about the points mentioned." (Terry added that "they had a nice long laugh" at my expense - so some good seems to have come of it.)

Since I don't know that anyone recorded or videotaped the address, it looks like we won't know exactly what John did say. But I'd like to make up for it by posting a two part lecture of John speaking about restorative justice. Here he discusses the basic principles of RJ, the very first restorative conference he attended as well as some features of restorative justice as applied in armed conflict and the peace building project he is currently working on.

This seems to have been posted very recently, but I'd like to know when it was recorded. Enjoy.

Part 1:

And Part 2:

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