IIRP instructor Steve Korr will be presenting the first day's keynote, "Restorative Practices: A Systemic Model for Change in Schools," at the American Council for School Social Work Conference, which takes place February 18-19, 2013, at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Following the keynote, Steve will also be doing an interactive workshop on "Restorative Practices in Schools."

Steve's keynote is an indication of how restorative practices is gaining credence nationally. Steve has been involved in implementing whole-school change through restorative practices nationwide and will share his experiences with this large, important group of school professionals who are on the front lines dealing with mental health and violence issues in schools. The ACSSW wanted a keynote on restorative practices because it is becoming known as an evidence-based practice.

More information about the ACSSW conference can be found here.

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