In Nova Scotia, two article discuss new policies to support restorative responses in schools throughout the province. Clare Mellor in the Chronicle Herald writes:

[T]he provincial Education and Justice departments announced they are putting together a provincewide framework for schools who want to use a restorative approach to managing conflict between students.

During the next three years, the two departments will share the $500,000 cost of implementing policies and a list of resources and contacts for schools that use the program.

“In every school, I think there are going to be situations that the principal will have to step in,” Education Minister Ramona Jennex said. “But from what I understand every school that is using this (restorative) approach, the negative behaviours are diminished to the point that they don’t have issues going to the principal’s office any more.”

Besides seeing fewer visits to the principal’s office, schools are also seeing declines in suspensions and absenteeism, the minister said.

“Every school can opt into various components of training. There are units or modules that are a day long or a week long,” said Richard Derible, project leader with the Justice Department.

The full story, "Latest lesson in conflict resolution: the restorative circle," which also discusses some anecdotes, can be found here.

In a related piece from Sun News, Kris Sims discusses the same allocation of funds in terms of this being an "anti-bullying" program. Read "NS spends $500K on 'restorative justice' bullying program in schools" here.

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