Instructor and Implementation Coach

Dr. Whitney Howarth is an Instructor and Implementation Coach with more than 20 years of experience in the field of education.  She holds a BA in History/Social Studies Education from Moravian University, a MA and PhD in World History from Northeastern University. Whitney has over two decades of experience providing professional development and teacher training for K-12 teachers (both in-service and pre-service).  

During her years in academia, her research focused on the history of race, gender and resistance to colonial power systems designed to exploit and dispossess indigenous peoples and communities of the global majority (Asia, Africa, and Latin America). Her work in higher education centered on creating curriculum and programs that interrogate global racial inequalities, extractive economic policies, and systemic violence. 

Whitney came to Restorative Practices via her training in Non-Violent Communication in India and in Restorative Circles by Dominic Barter, who developed his approach to conflict resolution among the young favela residents in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the 1990s. Her passion for storytelling is apparent in all that she does. She believes in the power of stories and wants to support others in telling their stories – especially those whose narratives that have been made invisible or silenced by structural violence and strategic omission. 

Today she travels across the United States visiting schools, training educators, and providing support for community leaders who seek to build healthier, happier, more restorative relationships in our world. She loves singing, traveling, furry critters, reading historic fiction, cooking Indian food, and hanging with wildly creative people like her husband, Sreeraj, and her 9 year old daughter, Pema.