Keisha Allen serves as the Executive Director of Black Family Development Inc. Training Institute (BTI) in Detroit, Michigan. Her mission to restore civil societies allows her to use restorative practices as an explicit framework to cultivate work with educators, elected officials, justice practitioners and communities. As a restorative justice facilitator she has held restorative conferences on topics that include political adversity, murder and gaps in organizational climate and culture. She coaches organizations on how to revolutionize their environments from punitive to restorative.   

Keisha became involved with IIRP in 2013 when she attended an IIRP professional development event. The experience transformed her life both personally and professionally. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Wayne State University and a Master of Science in Restorative Practices from the IIRP Graduate School in 2019.

Keisha is an author and a national speaker. She loves traveling with her husband and daughter. She is passionate about helping people shift their personal trajectories into purpose-driven lifestyles.