Inspiring Change Through Families and Communities

With a mission to restore civil societies, Keisha Allen knew she was looking for a unique educational experience. After participating in an IIRP continuing education event, she was drawn to working with the restorative practices framework. Today, Keisha serves as the Executive Director of Black Family Development Inc.’s Training Institute (BTI) in Detroit, Michigan, a subsidiary of Black Family Development Inc., who will be partnering with the IIRP to host the 2023 World Conference.

Q: What brought you to the IIRP for graduate education?

A: I had to know more. In my work as a restorative practitioner, I chose not to limit myself to the four-day basic training. I was not one of those people who took the training and put it "on the shelf." I began to use the practices right away. The practices were meaningful to me because of the personal impact. Professionally, I saw how restorative practices allowed me to transform climates and cultures. Attending the graduate school deepened my knowledge, widened my scope, and increased my impact to those I have the opportunity to serve.

Q: What types of restorative work are you doing now and what makes you passionate about it? 

A: I am passionate about transforming relationships. Currently, I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Black Family Development, Inc. Training Institute (BTI). IIRP and BTI has always had a connected relationship. As such, BTI continues to provide IIRP trainings with model fidelity. In other words, I get the opportunity to impact lives on a personal and professional level.

Q: What would you like to see happen in your restorative work going forward?  

A: On a practical level, I desire for individuals and systems to understand the explicit framework of restorative practices. On a visionary level, I would like to see the principles of restorative practices flood the earth. We can make this happen by providing the right trainings for individuals to become restored. When individuals become restored, families will be restored. When families are restored, communities will be restored. Civil world... here we come!

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