Arti Mohan, a 2019 IIRP alumna and 2018 recipient of the Shawn Suzch Scholarship, is the Restorative Justice Program Officer at the Counsel to Secure Justice (CSJ) in India. Her work involves providing healing and pathways to justice for communities affected by gender-based harm and includes training in restorative circles across the country. Arti also serves on the Value and Standards Committee of the European Forum for Restorative Justice where she helps design restorative practices implementation training for governmental stakeholders and civil society stakeholders.

Arti chose to pursue her education at the IIRP because of its accessibility and applicability to her work. “I was excited by the prospect of studying restorative practices in ways that are very practical and real-world. When I found that I could pursue those studies online while continuing to work in Delhi, India, I couldn’t wait to start,” she explains. “I was also very eager to move beyond the application of restorative practices within legal systems and to explore how it could apply in my daily life. I am so grateful to IIRP for the course structure, design, pace and online option.”

Arti shares her experiences as a restorative practitioner on an ongoing basis, including as an IIRP World Conference speaker. The opportunity to nurture inspiration and hope by connecting with others doing restorative work across the world is a passion she plans to continually pursue.