Certified Community Mediator, Restorative Justice Trainer, and Board President, Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region, Canada

Stephen Young is a certified community mediator and restorative justice trainer with Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region (CJAD), where he also serves as the President of the Board. He works for Restorative Resolutions, providing training and coaching to schools across Canada, and can be heard in the weekly podcast “Circle Forum” discussing aspects of restorative justice in schools and broader society. He recently published The Restorative Principal: Leading in Education with Restorative Practices, describing his personal journey in learning about and implementing restorative practices in schools. He is an IIRP alum and retired elementary teacher and principal with 35 years of service, having used restorative practices in schools for more than 20 years. Steve also worked in the Youth Justice court system and is a member of FaithCare, providing restorative services to faith communities.