Ret. Public Safety Chief in Longmont, Colorado, USA

Mike Butler is a retired Public Safety Chief in Longmont, Colorado, where he served for 26 years. He reinvented public safety within the context of partnerships and leveraged social capital. During his tenure, Longmont Public Safety instilled a philosophy that utilized many alternatives to the criminal justice system in order to respond to the human condition. Those options included restorative principles and practices in public safety’s response to numerous social and health issues. Mike also co-founded the School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service (SOSSAS). The purpose of SOSSAS is to create a learning environment in which leaders, elected officials, appointed officials, and students can embrace, learn, and practice the many skill sets necessary to enhance their capacity to serve their local community, organization, or company in ways that produce high levels of citizen and/or employee engagement.