Linda Kligman is intrigued by the study and implementation of relational approaches to creating more inclusive and participatory decision making. As Vice President for Administration, she provides leadership for strategic planning, collaboration with the IIRP associated organizations, and fosters a climate that nurtures respect, innovation and excitement. Her responsibilities also include harnessing the efforts of our model programs and international affiliates to ensure cohesive work across the consortium. 

Linda earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies from Union Institute and University with a concentration in Ethical and Creative Leadership and a specialization in Martin Luther King, Jr. Studies. Her dissertation, Widening Circles: A Grounded Theory Study of Workplace Leadership, received two honors from Union Institute and University: The Marvin B. Sussman Award for originality, interdisciplinarity, and social relevance in scholarship, and the Virgil A. Wood Award for excellence advancing King’s work. Her dissertation research utilized grounded theory to examine restorative practices within organizational leadership. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Appropriate Technology, both from Drexel University, and a Master of Science in Restorative Practices from the IIRP Graduate School. 

Linda has two decades of experience in community leadership and raising resources for purposes dear to her heart. She worked with LaSalle University’s Nonprofit Center as a development consultant, was principal of a marketing firm, executive director of a community-revitalization agency, and has won regional awards for successful fundraisers supporting critical social services. Even more dear to her heart are her relationships as mother, daughter, partner, stepmom, sister, colleague and friend.