Lehigh Valley, PA - November 16, 2022 – From January 25-27, the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) will host its online 2023 World Conference. During the three-day event, participants will experience a mix of live panel discussions, interactive breakout sessions, and music and art presentations, as well as research poster presentations and community exhibitor booths. Additionally, live panels will be interpreted into Spanish, Portuguese, and French in real time. Key topics include explorations in the role restorative practices plays in environmental justice, school and workplace challenges, and intergenerational cooperation that can bring global transformation.

“After nearly two decades of world conferences and now living in the wake of the global pandemic, we felt moved to extend this event beyond K-12 educational presentations, with a focus on discourse,” says Claire de Mézerville López, M.Ed., M.S., IIRP Community Engagement Specialist and Conference Planner. “We are proud to take on the role of convenor, partnering with global influencers to help catalyze social change and broaden the field of restorative practices. Fostering these conversations brings about an opportunity for a variety of people to cooperate restoratively towards addressing urgent social issues."

This year’s keynote speaker is Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier, environmental, cultural, and human rights advocate. Additional speakers include:

  • Audrea Lim, Freelance Journalist & Writer
  • Malik Muhammed, Founder & CEO, Akoben LLC
  • Claudine Miles, CEO & Founder, Restore More
  • Lucy Jaffé, Director, Why Me?
  • John Gillroy, Philosophy Professor & Founding Director of Policy Design Programs, Lehigh University
  • Brunilda Pali, Senior Researcher, KU Leuven
  • Alfonzo Gamboa, Founder & Director, DiverArte Guatemala
  • Kenyatta Stephens, CEO, Black Family Development, Inc.
  • John Pourdehnad, Faculty in Strategic Leadership & Complex Systems Leadership, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Kathleen McGoey, Restorative Practices Facilitator, Trainer & Artist

“We know these speakers have the ability to transform an attendee in just a sentence or two,” says Keith Hickman, M.S., IIRP Executive Director of Collective Impact. “At IIRP, we're always trying to find where's the human dignity or indignity and where's the human impact, to see how we can bring restorative practices to global issues within complex systems. For example, whether you're talking about unclean drinking water in India or the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, we can see shared issues impacting marginalized, underserved, and under-resourced communities. Our goal is not necessarily to find solutions to these problems within the conference itself, but to listen, to better understand the human condition, and elevate, bring awareness to, and supportthose who are doing something to make a difference.”

The IIRP is the world’s first graduate school solely dedicated to the field of restorative practices. At the heart of restorative practices is the understanding that human beings are instilled with the need to connect and grow with each other. Since opening in 2006, the mission of the IIRP has been to strengthen relationships, support communities, influence social change.

“Our world conference is an exciting opportunity to engage another generation of thinkers, to redefine and reshape what restorative work is,” says Linda J. Kligman, Ph.D., IIRP President. “A We’re confident these current, contemporary leaders will influence and inspire future leaders, empowering them with the agency they need to represent the global issues of tomorrow.”

IIRP 2023 World Conference attendees will have access to session recordings, more than 50 on-demand videos, and exhibitor booths for three months following the conference. For full conference details and to register, please visit iirp.edu/2023.

About the IIRP 
The International Institute for Restorative Practices (the IIRP), located in Bethlehem, PA, is the world’s first accredited graduate school that specializes in studying the field of restorative practices, providing education, research, and customized services.  At the heart of restorative practices is the understanding that human beings are instilled with the need to connect and grow with each other.  Primarily serving K-12 education, higher education, governmental agencies, and community-based organizations, the IIRP provides students and community leaders with the tools they need to transform relationships and effect change both in their communities and globally. Through their strong academic offerings combined with a real-life approach to education, the IIRP helps mend issues and makes resilient, meaningful relationships thrive. For more information, visit www.iirp.edu.



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