Here's a piece about schools in Scotland, where the number of exclusions (suspensions and expulsions in US parlance) is decreasing. The article quotes Ann Ballinger, general-secretary of the SSTA, Scotland’s second-largest teaching union:

“Restorative justice, staged intervention and the use of organisations like SkillForce have produced gratifying results in a number of establishments, enabling young people to learn appropriately and teachers to work in a calm and supportive environment” ...

In other locations, according to Ballinger, a permissive attitude seems to pervade:

“We are, however, particularly concerned that this approach is not being used nationwide and we absolutely deprecate the ‘you shall not exclude’ commandment practised in some establishments.

“Senior managers in a small number of schools are refusing to deal with pupils whose indiscipline is both detrimental to learning and spreading fear and alarm throughout the school community."

Read the full story here: Tearaway children ‘terrorise’ Scotland’s teachers - Education -

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