This announcement comes from the Correction Services of Canada:

The theme for Restorative Justice Week 2012, which will be held November 18-25, 2012, is “Diverse Needs; Unique Responses”. This theme recognizes that restorative justice is an approach that addresses the various needs of people impacted by crime and conflict that are created when a person has been harmed or treated unfairly. Restorative justice processes, in response to crime and conflict, are highly adaptable to different people, environments, and systems as the identified needs of the people involved help formulate the unique response that can contribute to a person’s sense of safety, justice and well-being. Read our introduction letter for more information on this year’s theme.

To celebrate Restorative Justice Week and thus promote Restorative Justice, CSC encourages individuals and communities, including faith groups, to recognize the Week and to organize events and share resources wherever possible. To assist with this, CSC formally requests that municipalities across Canada proclaim RJ Week, develop complimentary resources to help promote and raise awareness about Restorative Justice and Restorative Justice Week, support the National RJ Symposium, and share information about other events taking place across Canada.

More information about specific events can be found here.

It also looks as though an RJ week may also be happening right now in Ireland. The Archdiocese of Dublin discusses RJ here. Janine Geske from Marquette University Law School talks in this blog post about speaking this week at the annual Irish Mediator’s Institute conference. She writes:

I have seen restorative justice work in almost every setting where this is conflict. The processes do not “solve” every problem, but it reminds the participants that we are all part of a human family. What we do and say matters and can cause harm or bring great joy to others. The way out of our pain and anger is not to lash out but to listen to each other “with out hearts as well as our heads.”

If I can find out more about RJ week in Ireland, look for a post update.


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